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Wonderland Marketing

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Wonderland Marketing was born from a passion for helping small and medium sized businesses compete in their respective markets through engaged, educated and personalized marketing. Ensuring businesses can reach new potential clients and speak to them in their own voice is what drives us.


After spending 11 years working for increasingly larger organizations, founder Marq Mosier decided that it was time to start something more personal to him, something that allowed him to form personal relationships with his clients. Getting lost in the bureaucracy of large companies can be a drag, so in September 2018, Wonderland Marketing was born. 

Coming from a long line of small business owners going back three generations, being able to work closely with other entrepreneurs is a dream come true. We understand what it is like to work long hours achieving your dreams. Scrubbing dishes and cleaning grease traps at 2:00 am, doing paperwork for the business after a long day at work, working weekends to ensure client's needs are met; all of those things are hard, but the satisfaction is greater when you know the difference that you are making on a personal level for someone. 

Contact us today to see what a difference marketing can make when it's done with a partner that truly cares about what it is that they do.

Marq Mosier
Founder and Principal

Marq has spent most of the last decade in the energy industry helping large international organizations better streamline their businesses and increase return on investment. After leading digital initiatives for two of the oldest classification societies in the world, Marq decided that a change of pace was necessary to continue finding personal fulfillment through marketing.

With an extensive background in publishing, energy and small business, Marq loves interacting personally with clients to better understand not only their needs and goals, but also who they are and what their brand means to them. 

Marq attended Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. and holds a bachelor of arts in Communications with a focus in New Media Marketing, as well as a minor in Geography.

Outside of work Marq enjoys spending time with his family, reading and trying to catch up on the ever-growing list of television shows he keeps adding to. 

  • 2015 Oilpro Awards - Best Performing Ad CTR

  • 2015 Oilpro Awards - Best Performing White Paper Campaign

  • 2017 B2B Marketing Awards - Best Digital Customer Experience

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